Eat soups

Vegetable soup or thick vegetable cream is not just an idea for home dinner. When packed in a vacuum flask, it can be a convenient meal at work. Mixed vegetables, cooked or roasted (like peppers, carrot, pumpkin, pea), can be also used to thicken soups, instead of thick cream or roux.  


Drink juices and cocktails

A glass of freshly squeezed juice or vegetable cocktail corresponds to a 150 g portion of vegetables. While preparing them, you can use all vegetables eaten raw, including kale, spinach or parsley. In case of ready-to-drink juices available at food stores, definitely choose those non-pasteurized or pulp ones to be drunk within a single day and containing minimum amounts of salt. 


Vegetable snacks

Raw vegetables, sliced or cut into bars, can be a snack themselves or served with
a dip prepared e.g. on the basis of thick yoghurt or peanut butter. The other idea for a crispy snack can be chips made of lyophilized vegetables (available at stores) or roasted vegetables, that you can prepare by yourself for example from kale. Roast vegetable chips in low temperature (100-120°C) to make them crispy and prevent them from burning.    



Vegetable supplements

Few tomato slices on a sandwich or a spoon of dill served with potatoes is not enough for a portion of vegetables, however if we add such supplements into every meal, their total amount may sum up into the one significantly increasing the nutritional value of our diet.

Chopped or grated vegetables can spice up flavour and colour of many meals, including those typical meat ones. Grated carrot, zucchini or pumpkin can be also served with pastries, thus we can bake original bread, rolls, cupcakes or cakes. Cooked or roasted and then blended vegetables can become a base for a sauce being a supplement to pasta, groats, potatoes or noodles.


Vegetarian option

Vegetarian cuisine can produce plenty of plant-based alternative options for meat dishes. Vegetable shashliks, chops, dumping fillings and sandwich pastes can make us look at vegetables as something more than just a salad.

Other tips


Jídlo konzumované před tréninkem má poskytnout energii pro trénink a dostatečně zajistit následující regeneraci těla. Jeho nejdůležitějším prvkem by měly být sacharidydodávají energii a zpomalují pocit únavy. 

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Každý, kdo začíná „dobrodružství” s tréninkem, by měl začít tím, že si stanoví cíl, který chce dosáhnout. Výsledky a účinky vyžadují čas, takže samotný proces tréninku by měl být proveden postupně.

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