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The most common objective before the start of the physical activity is to lose extra pounds or to slim down. Health improvement often goes second.
Fortunately, when properly implemented, the training will deal with all these issues in parallel! However, a very important aspect is what we eat – i.e., our diet. You can find a number of "proven" miracle diets online which offer excellent results in a very short time, however, every stick has two ends. Such miraculous diets often eliminate one component from our diet, which in turn is associated with the need to supplement the appropriate vitamins and minerals through supplementation. Other diets are focused around magical numbers of kcal eaten during the day.
A prolonged diet based on the negative balance of calories - that is, taking less than your body needs – will quickly offer the desired effects in the form lost weight, but at the same time, however, the body lacks nutrients necessary for proper functioning which can even lead to anemia. What is worse, when you give up on such diet, you will have the "Yo-Yo effect" almost guaranteed, i.e. a very fast comeback to to the old, "unwanted" weight or a even higher one – it is body’s defensive reaction which wants to prepare for the next "hunger strike".
Here again applies the rule that every body is different and what works for one, is not necessarily suited for another. Calories intake should be chosen individually to our weight, height and physical activity. It should also take account of the ailments associated with our hormonal system. A well balanced diet, in addition to daily caloric balance determination, should also specify the amount of necessary macronutrients that is, proteins, fats or carbohydrates and their quality. And here again, if you want to take care of our body, you should first take care of proper eating habits – the most basic ones. Breakfast is very important, it should be filling and rich in all the macronutrients. Next, we should take care of the frequency of meals and their quality, avoid snacking of sweets, and reduce them to a minimum.
Just like workout, we should also change the diet gradually, so that our body is able to catch up with the pace of the changes. This will allow you to effectively and happily make changes in your diet and eliminate the risk of yo-yo effect.


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Pevné hýždě, to je jeden z nejčastějších cílů žen, které cvičí v posilovně. Vzhledem k sedavému životnímu stylu, přičemž jsou hýžďové svaly velmi slabé, má za následek „plochý a ochablý“ zadek.

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