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Do I need to eat five meals a day?

Many people are convinced that in order to gain best training results, you need to eat 5 meals a day, always at the same times. Meanwhile, the recommendation to eat five meals at specific times, preferably every 3 hours is a standard which in practice does not always work. Of course, there are people for whom eating more frequent meals will be an optimal solution, but for others, consuming less frequently, but larger servings may prove to be more satisfactory. So in that case, how do we know how much food would be right for us?

The frequency of meals should be adapted to our preferences, lifestyle and physical activity. If you prefer larger portions that make you feel full – focus on 3 meals a day. If eating large meals triggers digestive discomfort, better eat smaller, but more frequent portions, i.e. 4-6 meals a day. More frequent meals can help keep you feeling full and prevent seizures of hunger during the day. It's also a way to plan a larger amount of food-snacks, in a situation where our weakness is snacking. Meals do not have to take place at exactly the same times, although this regularity is recommended - if our daily responsibilities make it difficult to dine at specified times, try to eat at least two of them (e.g., breakfast and dinner) eat at a similar time.

The latest research shows that the amount of food that we consume during the day does not decide on the pace of our metabolism or body composition. Regardless of whether we eat 6 or only 2 meals a day, we can get the same results for weight loss or muscle building.

Determining the amount and times of meals helps in planning diets and the development of healthy eating habits. However, more important than how often we eat our meals is that they provide us with appropriate amounts of all essential nutrients.

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