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How often should you exercise?

The frequency of training is a very important issue, although more important than frequency is their regularity, because it allows us to build appropriate habits. We must remember that our body needs time to rest (regeneration) after the workout. Depending on the training system, we should allow our muscles to fully regenerate before we charge them with training again.
Here also applies the principle that every body is different. During workout,  there appear micro-suffocations in our muscles which leads to inflammation, and then the regeneration process takes place. Inflammation is a muscular pain, mistakenly called muscle sores that appear 8-32 h after the exercise. The faster the inflammation appears, the faster the regeneration process starts, and therefore the faster you will be able to repeat the training of the given muscle group. If the body does not have time to recover before the next exercise, we can lead to overtraining, which in turn reduces the training effects, weakens the body and drastically increases the risk of injury. With one person, twice a week training may offer the same effects as 4 times a week training with another person - it is always an individual matter, and your body should give you the best advice. At the beginning, it is usually enough to do two workouts per week, over time, we can increase their frequency having regard to the time required for the recovery. Appropriate pacification and extension in the final stage of training will help reduce painful muscle tension lingering after a workout, and thus shorten the recovery time.

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