Regular meals. In order to maintain an optimal metabolism rate it is important to eat as regularly and as similar amounts of food each day as possible. Observance of this rule prevents from sudden hunger feeling and desire for unplanned snacks experienced by people eating irregularly.  

Proteins. Correct amount of proteins in a diet helps to build muscle mass and prevents from losing it, when losing weight. Moreover, meals rich in proteins activate postprandial thermogenesis, resulting in accelerated metabolism and long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Add hot spices. Chili, ginger and pepper add flavour and spiciness to meals, but they also contain substances (capsaicin, gingerol, piperine) stimulating processes related to energy release.

Coffee and tea. Drinks containing caffeine can be allies in losing weight. Caffeine stimulates release of neurotransmitters (inter alia epinephrine, norepinephrine) that enhance focusing abilities, improve cognitive functions and result in general psycho-physical activity. Drinking coffee or tea before training will make us feel more energetic and thus we will have more fun from performed exercises.

Water. Correct hydration of a body helps to clean it from unnecessary products of metabolism and provides optimal conditions for digestion and biochemical processes. Even slight dehydration has negative impact on wellness – besides thirst, it can manifest as weariness, tiredness or headache.

Regular physical activity. If our goal is to lose weight, we should exercise at least an hour every day. For optimal effects it is recommended to diversify trainings – merging weight and aerobic exercises involving large portions of muscles (like runs, marches, biking or swimming).

Other tips


The most common objective before the start of the physical activity is to lose extra pounds or to slim down. Health improvement often goes second.


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A meal consumed before training is to provide energy for physical exercise and additionally provide components that support the subsequent regeneration of the body. The most important element should be carbohydrates - they add energy and delay the sense of fatigue.

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