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How to get started?

Every person that begins their "adventure" with training should start from defining the goal they want to achieve. You need time to achieve effects, therefore, the training process itself should be implemented gradually. We should start our adventure with homefitting from the basic adapting training which favourably affect our mood and the oxygenation of the body, gradually increasing their length and pace. Don't get started with heavy training because the body will not be prepared for it and it can lead to injury and possible deepening of pathology.
The choice of loads is always individual and depends on the degree of training. Throughout the training process, forming the right habits is more important than motivation. Training should not be a necessity, but pleasure and it should give the maximum amount of FUN. Nowadays, we have a sedentary lifestyle and our physical activity is often limited to going shopping or reaching the car on the way to work. Such lifestyle leads to impairment of our basic motor skills, so in order to start appropriate training, it should be preceded by a 1-3 month period of adaptation training, depending on how our body would react to the started activity. Only after this stage, we should move on to the appropriate training which aims to help achieve the previously specified goal. Further along in our training plan, there should appear exercises from the adaptive period.

Every workout, at every stage should include a warm up and the moment to calm the body at the end of the exercise. These are the elements that are often overlooked which often leads to injuries and prolonged muscle pain, mistakenly called muscle sores, which results in discouragement to the workout altogether.


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Častým stanoveným cílem je ztráta přebytečných kilogramů nebo mít štíhlou postavu. A až na druhém místě je zlepšit si svůj zdravotní stav. Naštěstí můžete s řádným tréninkem vyřesit obojí.

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Mnoho lidí je přesvědčeno, že pro nejlepší výsledky tréninku musí jíst pět jídel denně, vždy ve stejnou dobu. Doporučení jíst pětkrát denně v určitou dobu, nejlépe každé 3 hodiny, je standardem, který však v praxi nemusí fungovat.

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