< Strength training — is it or is it not for women?

Strength training — is it or is it not for women?

Women often tend to give up strength training being afraid of building too much muscle mass, which in turn leads to loose femininity. It has to be noted that 1 kg of muscle is smaller in volume than 1 kg of fat. Muscles to work require fuel — and this fuel is, among others, body fat. By increasing muscle mass you increase the demand for fat (calorific balance increases), which means that our body uses more of the accumulated “reserves” for the same actions when the muscle mass is larger. Summing up, women going into strength training are able to loose fat tissue more effectively, and as their muscles are smaller in volume than fat, they are able to do it without the loss of feminine curves.
Strength training may help women to achieve slim waist, healthy silhouette and firm body. With such “side effect” there is no other answer — definite YES to strength training for women!

Firm buttocks are one of the most common goals for women in the gym. Taking into account a sedentary lifestyle, in which gluteus muscles are very weakened resulting in “flat and flagging” bottom, one might think it is the right direction. Health aspect should be the most important, but if it is possible to get also a good visual effect — then why not? Social media are full of slogans like “there is no backside trending without knee bending” pointing out that knee bending is the best exercise to build up buttocks. It is difficult to state otherwise, knowing the function the gluteus muscles fulfil in our body. However, knee bending is an exercise that — besides the buttocks — engages also other muscles, like quadriceps, i.e. the anterior part of the thigh. In fact, during knee bending, this is the muscle that handles the most of the job and gluteus muscles act only as auxiliaries. The result of exercising mostly knee bending in buttocks training is also increase in quadriceps’ volume (anterior part of thigh), which is especially visible in short people. So what is the way to build up firm buttocks and to retain thin and slim thighs? The best way is to exercise in a way that the gluteus is the main acting muscle during work out, thus all types of hip thrusts are recommended. When lying on your back with knees bent and feet to the buttocks raise your hips. This exercise comes in many variations that allow for eliminating training monotony by, e.g., changing the way your back or legs are supported or by adding weights. Another effective exercise is to abduct legs backwards — here, again, many variations are common, the exercise may be performed in kneeling position with your hands to the ground, frontal rest position or standing, weighting down the abducted leg with an additional weight or training gum.

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