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What is the fastest way to loose weight?

The main drive for people starting to work out is to loose excessive weight. Until recently the common consensus was that the best effects of burning fat come with cardio training (running, cycling) lasting for at least 30–40 min with max. heart rate of 60% (max. heart rate = 220 - your age). Fortunately, the knowledge in the subject is increasingly wider and much more easily accessible, thanks to which more effective training methods have been conceived. A much more effective training is the one based on intervals, during which, within a short period of time, your body is “assaulted” with weights resulting in extreme heart rate levels. To put it simply: slowly, fast, slowly, fast etc. Such a training fuels your body’s metabolism until very high levels, and thus you are burning fat long after the training is over. Such a training also influences an increase in our strength and muscle mass, which, in turn, lets us not to “loose weight” but more so, to get into slim and firm shape.

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Dlouhodobé hubnutí může snížit rychlost metabolismu. Půst nebo nepřetržité snižování kalorické hodnoty jídla může situaci jen zhoršit. Jak potom můžeme pomoci účinkům diety a normalizovat metabolismus?

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Hlavním hnacím motorem lidí, kteří začínají cvičit, je touha shodit přebytečné kilogramy. Až do nedávné doby bylo všeobecně uznáváno, že nejlepší výsledky pro spalování tuků přináší kardio.

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