Cleansing diets are based on the assumption that a human body accumulates toxins and unnecessary products of metabolism that require special methods of nutrition or eating supplements in order to be removed from a body. Is that true? 

It is true that a human body is exposed to the unnumbered amount of potentially harmful substances coming from polluted environment, potable water, cosmetics used on a daily basis or food additives, however it does not mean we need special diets in order to be protected against possible intoxication. Liver, kidneys, lungs and several other organs work continuously removing all potentially harmful and unnecessary substances from our bodies. Cleansing treatment (detox) became popular on the same basis as other poorly known, though potentially very promising unconventional methods. Research on cleansing diet efficiency is scarce and not very convincing.    

Popularity of cleansing treatment resulted in more and more mostly herbal supplements available in pharmacies and herbal stores and supposed to activate processes related to metabolism or support functionality of such organs like liver or kidneys. Periodical support with such substances may be helpful, however let us not hope they will compensate mistakes we make with reference to a non-hygienic way of life.

So what should we do if we have recently been eating too much or too unhealthy? If we would like to take care of our bodies in some special way, for 1-2 weeks we can eat light meals based on plant food products (vegetables, fruit, crop grains, nuts and seeds), get rid of stimulants (especially alcohol), drink large amounts of fluids (mineral water, fruit and herbal brews), drink digestion-supporting herbal brews instead of coffee (for example made of ginger or mint) and try to spend as much time in the open air as possible. Such behaviour shall allow to release a gastrointestinal tract, have positive impact on general wellness, as well as it may become an impulse to change our lifestyles for better ones.

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